Web design trends for 2013

Web design trends for 2013

Website design in itself has undergone a total transformation over only a few years and the quality of the website is the only key to the success of the company.

A few factors of website design in 2012 included the increase of internet use in all mobile devices, very large screen resolutions such as the iPad 3, the improvement of HTML/CSS, the release of Windows 8 with metro interface and navigation in page 1 which opened a whole new level of scrolling, as was found with Facebook’s timeline.

With all these technological innovations, can one possibly expect any more innovations to come forth and make the user’s life even more comfortable?  Here is what is expected within website design for 2013.

Responsive website design in which both groundbreaking graphics and fresh new ideas from website designers themselves will overpower the design market with their pixels and responsive website design.

It is reported that HTML5 and JavaScript will replace Flash so far that entire websites will be made from it.

Chrome experiments are also said to become more widely used as will websites that are more alive in the way that it gives a more cinematic way of storytelling.  Responsive website design will be responsible for that, as it will allow the conversion of screens of any size.

Navigation itself will be an entire new experience, moving away from the old and changing into a different and more interactive world with the use of better quality screen photographs, videos and animated elements.

It is clear to see that, however far the personal computer has taken us through the years, there is definitely much more to look forward



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