The SA Energy Group sees a significant improvement in their pay-per-click marketing campaign statistics within 4 months after the Siteweb take-over.

  • Increased in Ads Click Through Rate: 202%
  • Decrease in Avg Cost Per Click (CPC): 33%
  • Increase in Avg Ad Position: 71%
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About the company

The South African Energy Group has established itself as the forerunner in the Solar and LED industry in South Africa. SAEG is a leading wholesaler and importer of Solar and LED products. SAEG has offices in Midrand, Krugersdorp and Centurion.

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The Results

The performance of the campaign improved dramatically. (Graphs are plotted on weekly basis in trends below).

Improvement in CPC (Cost per Click) (33%).

Improvement in Average ad display position on page 1 of Google search (71%).

Improvement in ad Click through rate (202%).

What was done?

When we took over the campaign, we started optimizing the ad groups and keywords. We group similar product related keywords together, sending searches to more relevant landing pages about the topic. We excluded irrelevant keywords from the mix, in order not to waste adwords spend on keywords that we know will not convert, or keywords not relevant to the company product offering. We optimized landing pages for conversions and ad copy to match the keyword searched for. All this work improved the keyword quality score, resulting in lower CPC (cost per click) and better ad relevance. The same adwords budget resulted in not only more visitors, but more relevant visitors.

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