Maximize your Marketing Return on Investment

Maximize your Marketing Return on Investment

We would all agree that there are many marketing channels available for brand and product promotion. Some old school and some new marketing avenues that have popped up in recent years. With struggling financial markets all over the globe, it is becoming more and more important to spend marketing money wisely.

With today’s technologies, long gone are the days where customers are being told by brands what to think about their products or services. Today, they tell you what they think. Customers rule.

A better approach is to tell a story about your product or service that will lead to brand trust. Brand trust leads to product / service trust, leads to better customer relationship.

The internet digital space is obviously the place to start when telling this story, utilizing social and mobile to the fullest. Forbes recently surveyed 300 senior executives from different backgrounds and industries about these new marketing environments and the role it plays in their marketing success.

The outcome was predicted and expected. Social hit top charts across the board as the most important area to invest in. They all agreed that to succeed today,  they have to strategize and implement on the following digital areas:

  • The internet
  • Social
  • Mobile apps

According to the survey by Forbes, here are the top 3 ways to maximize your marketing return on investment:

You simply have to go where your customers are. Of course this makes sense. You could have thought this out. Digital channels are the place that consumers flock to. Almost 2 thirds of surveyed executives agreed that that are currently, or they are planning to invest more in the digital space (promoting your brands, products or services through some sort of electronic media).

Get more social. Another no brainer… consumers (normal people) spend huge numbers of hours on social media platforms. The leading social platforms will give you a reach of more that 1 billion prospects. That is why half of the survey executives said that it is part of their plan to invest more in social media. It is true that this direct access to consumers can either be a blessing or a curse. But if carefully planned, marketers can turn negative comments into something positive if it is monitored and resolved quickly. In cases like these a consumer could still be more than willing to promote your brand, even if they had a negative experience of some sort.

Use mobile to keep the dialogue going. Mobile internet is growing rapidly. today our cellphones are an extension of our desktop computers. 51% of surveyed executives plan to heavily explore and invest in mobile. The future of marketing is definitely heading in this direction.

Today, marketers have more avenues to explore than ever before. What an exciting time to communicate and build trust with your customers.

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