LinkedIn Power Tips to Use Right Now

LinkedIn Power Tips to Use Right Now

LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business. Taking your company’s LinkedIn profile to the next level is not as daunting as it might sound. With a few easy steps that you can implement right away, you will get more out of your LinkedIn page.

Once optimised, your LinkedIn company page should be maintained to keep it updated. Not sure where to start? Follow the few simple tips below to get more out of your LinkedIn company page.


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Power tips to optimise your LinkedIn company page

  • Banners: Be creative with your banner image. Update it and change it regularly. Your banner image should portray what your company is all about – include a slogan or image that fits your company image and brand across other platforms.
  • Showcase pages: LinkedIn has done away with the Products and Services pages, but it is still important to showcase your offerings – thus the creation of Showcase pages. There are many benefits to these Showcase Pages, and we urge you to start creating them right away! The banner images on the Showcase Pages can include a hyperlink, meaning you can add a Call to Action and direct clients to a dedicated landing page.
  • Use keywords: Because LinkedIn has a great search function, remember to include industry or targeted keywords in your description and Showcase Pages. This will increase the possibility of potential clients finding you on LinkedIn when entering relevant keywords into the search bar.
  • Employee involvement: Urge your employees to update and use their LinkedIn profiles, and share your company’s updates. Make sure these profiles are appropriate, so that it won’t impact your brand negatively.
  • Videos: Complement your posts with YouTube videos. Videos are a great way to give a visual perception of your brand or products, and creates opportunity to engage with clients.
  • Comment-worthy updates: Keep your page updated with relevant and interesting content. Encourage your clients to engage by asking questions, having polls, or making comment-worthy statements. After all, LinkedIn is still a social media platform, and should encourage social engagement from connections.
  • Sponsor content: If you’re up for a little paid advertising, then sponsored LinkedIn posts might be perfect for you. Sponsored posts will help you to reach a targeted audience, build relationships and drive leads. You can also set your own budget to ensure an affordable paid marketing option.



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According to, there are 3.8 million LinkedIn users in South Africa, and this number is steadily increasing. Make use of this social media platform for your business and start reaping the benefits.


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