Leading Tombstone Supplier in South Africa – Tombco

Leading Tombstone Supplier in South Africa – Tombco

Leading Tombstone Supplier in South Africa – Tombco

Tombco is a leading tombstone  manufacturer and supplier in South Africa, supplying clients across the country with quality granite tombstones at very competitive and affordable prices. Contact Tombco today for more information about headstones for sale, to find the best headstone for your loved-one’s grave.

Quality granite tombstones

Granite is an excellent choice when selecting a headstone, as it is a strong and durable stone that will last for many years. Tombco manufactures a wide selection of headstones to choose from, in different categories and price ranges. Chose from one of the following ranges for your loved-one’s grave:

Budget Range:

    Choose from a selection of budget-friendly tombstones. The Budget tombstones are smaller in size, but still manufactured from top quality granite material.

  • Executive Range: If you are looking for a tombstone that is something more unique, choose a headstone from Tombco’s Executive headstone range.
  • Child Range: If you are burying a child, and looking for a special tombstone, browse through Tombco’s Children’s headstone range.

Whatever you have in mind for your loved-one’s grave site, Tombco will assist.

Uses and application of Ferrosilicon powders

Ferrosilicon products from DMS Powders are mainly used for mineral processing in a process called Dense Media Separation. This process involves mixing Ferrosilicon powder with water to form a pulp of a certain density. When the required density is reached, the diamond- bearing material is submerged into the mixture. The spiralling movement of the tank then assists the separation process. Material with higher densities will sink to the bottom, while lighter material will float. This sink-float method is an effective process to separate diamonds from diamond-bearing material and is used globally in mineral recovery plants.

Contact DMS powders for all your Ferrosilicon needs

DMS Powders has become a reputable supplier in the Ferrosilicon manufacturing industry, supplying customers with quality products that meet their specifications. In order for an effective mineral separation process to take place, the right grade of Ferrosilicon is required. Let the team at DMS Powders assist you to get the best ferrosilicon product for your process needs. Ferrosilicon products supplied by DMS Powders are conveniently packaged in different sizes, safe for handling and transportation and also water resistant.

Contact DMS Powders today for more information about our Milled and Atomised Ferrosilicon products.

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