How to Market Your Business on Pinterest

How to Market Your Business on Pinterest

So you kind of know Pinterest, (if use it every now and again to search for cool cake recipes and DIY home improvements…) and are thinking about using it for your business. Pinterest is a social media networking site that allows users to create image collages and galleries online, with the ability to easily share those collages, or “pinboards”, with other Pinterest users. Pinterest has taken the world by storm, and is loved my many due to the user-friendliness and visually appealing layout. Read the simple tips below on how to market your business on Pinterest.


Image: The Rise of Pinterest

Take you Pinterest marketing to the next level

Let’s start with the basics – how Pinterest works. Pinterest is basically a massive virtual pinboard that allows people to browse through interesting stuff, pin them to their own boards and also leave comments below on the pins. Here are a few things to remember when using Pinterest for a company page:

  • Create a visually appealing and professional looking Pinterest page.
  • Remember that every pin links to an image source, which is usually an external website. This diverts traffic directly to your website, so make sure it is updated and contains lots of information.
  • Make sure the images you pin regarding your company are high quality and beautiful. This is not the platform for your blurry low quality pictures! Images should be clear and attractive.

Image: Pinterest images that work

  • Organise your pinboards and move away from broad categories like “Things I love”. Naming your boards correctly will enable other Pinterest users to find them more easily.
  • It is also important to remember that Pinterest is not a promotional website, so stay away from adding advertising material, specials etc. You can however add a price tag below the image.
  • Detailed descriptions on images are essential to get your images found by users searching for specific terms.
  • When setting up your Pinterest account, you will get access to valuable information about how your page is performing. Use this to your company’s advantage!
  • Established yourself as an industry leader by posting how to and informative posts related to your business or industry.
Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest Infographic


The thing to remember is that Pinterest is fun, easy and a growing social media platform. Get pinning for your business today! Set up your account here >


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