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Using paid search advertising to draw relevant visitors to your website.

  • Paid search advertising could get you to page 1 of the search engine within 1 day.
  • Easy to target visitors in any geographical area (city, province or country).
  • Very measurable form of marketing. We provide monthly reports on click data and website events.
  • Get started with Adwords, call 086 123 4444 or send us an email.

Google AdWords is also referred to as Google Advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC). Basically what it is, is paying to advertise on Google for certain keywords, but you only pay for the ads that people click on (thus the Pay Per Click name).


Google Adwords can be very beneficial, as your company will feature in the “Ads” section, above your competitors that feature in the Organic Results.

When setting up a Google Adwords campaign, you can select the different keywords you would like to feature for. The cost per click will differ for each keyword, based on the competition for that keyword and the quality of your Pay Per Click ads.

By making use of Google Adwords’ Pay Per Click advertising, you will see immediate results. You will generate new leads the moment your prospective clients start searching for related services. Increased visitors to your website, means more leads and business for your company.

If you have an existing website and want to be on page one of Google today for specific keyword searches, get started with Adwords. Call 086 123 4444 or send us an email.

Benefits of Google AdWords


Get your business found on the most popular search engine – Google


You are able to target your audience in specific areas, regions or cities.


You will be connected to relevant customers across the internet, that you would not have reached via conventional marketing methods


Google AdWords are very affordable, and will fit into any company’s marketing budget.


Measurability and versatility: Google AdWords will show you detailed analytics regarding your campaign, offering you insights and the option to pause and edit your campaign.


Your website will appear when people search for your chosen keywords – offering your company’s website as their first option and solution to their needs.



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